Win 97% of Your Sports Bets - Have Picks Emailed to You FOR LIFE

If you have ever bet on sports or gotten sports picks delivered to your email then you know how frustrating it can be to get bad picks consistently which result in you losing money over and over again. Having this happen all the time from sports books, blogs or where ever you get your picks can put you off betting on sports all together and honestly I can't blame you, it is definitely no fun losing, especially when money is involved.

Not long ago I found the Sports Betting Champ system, a system developed by a doctor in statistics and a betting professional. His name is John Morrison and he's developed a 97% win rate system in both NBA and MLB.

This system isn't an ebook filled with nonsense or things that you already know, basically it's a system that claims a 97% winning rate. In the 2006-2007 NBA season John made 68 bets and 66 were winning bets. Keep in mind that the NBA championship has 30 teams and every team plays 80 games per season so from a total of 2400 possible games to bet, John bet 68 with a 97% strike rate.

To make you feel safer with using the Sports Betting Champ system, John offers an 8 week money back guarantee. This method is used in order to increase your confidence that this product delivers what it says, a 97% strike rate in NBA or MLB.

NBA Basketball:
2003-04 season: 68 wins - 2 Losses
2004-05 season: 71 wins - 3 Losses
2005-06 season: 66 wins - 2 Losses
2007-08 season: 79 wins - 1 Loss

MLB Baseball:
2004 season: 48 wins - 0 Losses
2005 season: 55 wins - 3 Losses
2006 season: 52 wins - 1 Loss
2007 season: 67 wins - 3 Losses

That's an amazing record of 506 wins and 15 losses over the past 5 years. Don't dismiss gambling systems such as Sports Betting Champ as impossible, or frauds, the article has clearly highlighted how these remarkable results are possible, so why not incorporate this low risk betting picks system into your betting strategy, and start to earning more and more money as soon as today.

Good luck with your betting adventure. I hope you can become as happy and profitable as me and many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are. Just think... what could you do with all that extra income?

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