Are you STILL second guessing yourself?

Understand that this system WILL make you money. CONSISTENT money on a very regular basis. There has only been ONE loss this MLB season and over 75 wins. Do you know how much money you're NOT making by waiting? Do you know that there's a eight week guarantee. You can get a refund up to 2 months later for ANY reason.

I've made so much money using Johns system that I bought a new car in cash. My dream car; a 2005 BMW 5 series. I've paid off my moms house and bought a condo of my own. I owe it all to John and Sports Betting Champ. I have money in the bank, I have no debt, I work for no one and am hiring consultants to start my own businesses.

Financial freedom is something that everyone should experience. It truly is exhilarating. You don't owe anything to anyone, you have the free time to do whatever you choose, buy whatever you want, go where ever you want.

If you're still second guessing yourself, STOP. Make the $197 investment and you'll see that money back on your first bet picked exclusively and sent to your email inbox by John Morrison. Take a stand against being a corporate slave. Take a stand against your bills piling up. Take a stand against saying "no, you can't have" to your kids. Take a stand and change your life. Do it now, you will not regret this.

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Sports Betting Systems Win Consistently

I am often asked how I can win consistently at sports betting when most people feel that they are doing well if they win one here or there. My general response is that I know winning betting systems and how to play the betting sports game to beat the vegas sports odds line. This usually brings more questions about what I mean by that, to which I ask " How do you determine the games you are going to bet on?" The three most common answers are:

1) I get them from a sports radio show
2) I hear about them from friends
3) I find "free picks" on the Internet

These are not the best places to start winning regularly. While all of these sources may turn up a good pick now and then, they are generally the sexy picks that have big possible pay outs and should not be considered reliable enough to be betting on without solid back up.

My solid back up is The SportsBettingChamp System that consistently wins by playing a small percentage of games that are a virtual lock to win. The result of using this betting system is a group of games that are going to add to your bankroll and keep adding to it.

This will give stability to your bankroll and allow you to analyze other sources for bets that you will have a lower chance of winning but will pay off bigger due to the Las Vegas sports odds line and allow for the big win. Without a solid starting point you are likely to watch your money disappear and you will lose the betting sports game.


Sports Betting Champ - Great Value for the Money

Sports Betting Champ is very cheap compared to the alternatives.

There many sevices that charge you $500 dollars per year for statistical sheets.

The services of a professional sports handicappers are also very expensive.

On the contrary, Sports Betting Champ has a one time cost of under $200 and offers lifetime support!

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More Sports Betting Champ Testimonials

Joan from Pennsylvania, USA - "In life, as we get older we learn that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. John's system goes against that...He does deliver!"

Jim from Newport Beach, CA, USA - "I have been betting on sports for over 30 years, and I have never seen anything like this before!...He's truly 32-0, and it's amazing!...For anybody that is skeptical, believe me - there is no person more skeptical than myself. It does work."

Jay from Des Moine, IA, USA - "It's just unreal! I'm kicking myself for not getting a hold of you years ago....Please stop selling this program!"

Danny from Oklahoma City, USA - "I wish I had this system available to me 20 years ago. Donald Trump would have some competition by now!"

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Sports Betting at BetUs with 97% Wins

Sports Betting Champ

I'm going to evaluate sports betting system developed supposedly on data from 50 years of statistical data on professional sports.

When you hear someone touting a
97% sports betting system winning average on NBA and MLB games you tend to be very skeptical. Be careful if it sounds too good to be true because it probably is too good to be true.

Therefore anyone will understand why a person would wait a long time before spending a dime on such a claim for a sports betting system. Fortunately when you buy this sports betting system through clickbank, you have a
56 day trial period where you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. After reading about the system and searching the internet for information on the guy who developed it, there was very little negative to be found. My experience with buying anything from the internet including batteries, you find some negative comments form people who have purchased whatever it is you are planning on buying.

It is very difficult to please the majority of people unless you have a pretty good product with a pretty good track record. The system is pretty simple in it approach to betting but very sound as far as what you are told to bet on. The casinos have been on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for about 16 years now and the one thing you learn when you go to a casino is that you have to have discipline and you have to know how much you are going to play with and how much you are going to lose. You have to
stick to it and have fun and if you win then leave and if you lose then leave. If you do that you can enjoy your gaming experience and not lose your shirt.

This sports betting system is very sound and you only bet on certain scenarios and the betting amounts and system screams discipline. The record is clear for the
SportsBettingChamp system. The sports betting system works and if you follow it properly you should come out ahead. The author recommends a certain sports book betting site as his recommended site. These people are legitimate and are familiar with the system. The sports book people probably know that not everyone is going to be disciplined so they are not mad when this author recommends them, the system he developed for sports betting won’t make them a lot of money on losses if you are disciplined.

SportsBettingChamp system is legitimate and the author John Morrison delivers on his promise.


Ever heard of Sports Betting Champ?

The Sports Betting Champ is a betting system created by John Morrison. According to his website, he graduated from Cornell University and has a PhD degree in statistics. I don’t really know if that’s true or not but that’s not important because like many of you sports fans out there, I’m pretty sure you’ve made a couple of sports bets in your life especially during the NCAA playoffs, NBA finals or the big mother of them all…the Superbowl.

If you look at his website, you will notice a tremendous amount of customer testimonials mostly by way of YouTube. There are some handwritten, email and audio testimonials as well. Never have I visited a site chuck full of testimonials. Also, his website claims he wins 97% of his sports bets. That’s insane! Now, I’ve tried sports betting online before and most of the time I lost. I’ve tried sports handicappers and statistics tip sheets but their winning percentage only comes to around 60%-75% which is actually pretty good but for this guy to say that he wins 97% of the time, I just had to check it out.

First thing I did was contact John Morrison. I asked a few simple questions just to see if he would reply back because we all know that there are some creators or authors out there who you never hear from again after purchasing their system. He answered back the next day…that’s a good sign.

The next day, I bought the system and here’s what I got. I got 3 ebooks. One for the NBA, MLB and NFL. You also get to subscribe to his list where he will email you the picks when he finds a good opportunity to bet on. Personally, I signed up for his picks because even though his system is not complicated, it’s definitely something you need to read more than once in order to understand how he arrives at his picks. It’s only been a month since I signed up and so far my record for the MLB season is 21-0. That’s pretty damn good!

Also included in his package are bonus details he gives you when you sign up using the sportsbook/bookmaker he recommends. The bonus only works if you’re a new customer so if for some reason you’re already using the bookmaker he recommends then I don’t know if you’re eligible for the bonus. If not, then there’s two other bookmaker he recommends and they’re both good and reputable as well. Another little freebie he gives is a Las Vegas 3 days and 2 nights vacation for 2 for a special price once you sign up for this travel agency. I, myself, was not interested in this offer so I don’t particularly care for it.

Now let me explain something here because I don’t want you to get confused. When you look at sports betting systems that boast 50-2 or 21-0 records, that’s not to say that their system never lost a bet. I doubt that there’s a sports betting system or software that can predict a winner 100% of the time.

Let me explain how this works. When John emails you his picks, you have only 3 betting strategies to worry about. Bet 1, Bet 2, and Bet 3. If you lose Bet 1, you move to Bet 2 and if you lose Bet 2, then you move to Bet 3. This is where the 97% winning picks comes into play because according to John, who says he is a statistics kind of guy, when his picks reaches Bet 3, there a 97% chance of winning that bet, therefore you bet big during this time. Most of the time he’s right, but there’s still that 3% chance of losing and when you lose Bet 3 that’s considered a lost. So you see, 21-0 into this MLB season basically means I had to bet all the way to Bet 3 a couple of times but all of them have been successful…so far! So if you ever go and look at other sports betting system, don’t be fooled by their records, but then again, why would you, this product works and comes highly recommended.

There’s really not much left to say except for the fact that his system really works. It sure made a believer out of me and I don’t even watch baseball! That’s the beauty of John’s system. You don’t need to know how the game works or even watch the game, all you need to worry about is placing your picks when he emails them to you.

Just to give you an idea of how powerful his system is, here’s his record for the last 4 NBA and MLB seasons.

NBA Basketball:
2003-04 season: 68 wins – 2 Losses
2004-05 season: 71 wins – 3 Losses
2005-06 season: 66 wins – 2 Losses
2007-08 season: 79 wins – 1 Loss

MLB Baseball:
2004 season: 48 wins – 0 Losses
2005 season: 55 wins – 3 Losses
2006 season: 52 wins – 1 Loss
2007 season: 67 wins – 3 Losses
Current 2008 MLB baseball season: 21 wins - 0 Losses

Other key points to remember about the Sports Betting Champ:

* How to get 55% bonus on your first deposit. (Exclusive offer!)
* You need zero betting experience!
* You need zero knowledge about baseball or basketball!
* You need zero knowledge about any sports in general!
* You need zero knowledge in math or statistic!
* You need zero technical and computer skills!
* My lifetime of picks emailed to you at no cost!
* A few minutes a day is all you need!
* Only a tiny investment is needed.
* Betting method is completely ethical and legal.
* You can do this from any part of the world!
* Unlimited one-on-one support!

Here’s a couple testimonials and even proof of how powerful this system is.

Like I said before, I do not promote anything that does not make you money. All you need to do is put the effort into learning the system and I promise you that you will make money. In fact, this is probably one of the easiest way to make money online because you don’t even need to read his ebook, just wait for his picks that he emails you and place your bets. Can’t get any easier than that. I have to say that this is probably one of the easiest way to make money online.

Get the sports betting champ here now!


Sports Betting Champ Review

SportsbettingChamp by Dr. John Morrison wins 97%

Yes this system is for real. John Morrison has definitely developed an impressive winning system for NBA and MLB.

I have been an owner of his system since the NBA record was 63-1. Unfortunately, I did not believe strongly enough in his system to take advantage of the 37-0 record including and MLB since I purchased it. The system works obviously and now I am a believer. The NBAcasinos are built on people who have no discipline and the fact that they have a percentage in every housegame or slot machine anywhere from 1% and up. You cannot beat the house in a casino.

John Morrison has his PhD in statistics from Cornell University and he has figured out a tremendous betting system based on certain events and on a disciplined betting approach.

The secret of using his system is first to purchase it and he gives you a guarantee which is iron clad to get your money back, so you cannot lose there. You can do the system on your own because he gives it to you as promised for NBA, MLB, and NFL but even better is the fact that he emails you every time a bet should be made so you don't even have to do the work. I have the system saved on my computer and it is very simple but why mess with the work of figuring the bets when John sends them every time you need to make a bet.

This is not a scam and you can bet at any level. I started at a higher level than I was comfortable with so I have not followed the system through the 37-0 run. I am sure their will be a loss someday but I am convinced if you start your bet at your comfort level you won't fail.

I strongly recommend that anyone who like to bet a little check this system out. I have written other articles about this system but now I am more convinced than ever that this is the real thing. The sports venues taking these bets don't worry because they know not everyone will have the discipline and follow the system. I am sure they count on other types of bets being placed on events having nothing to do with John Morrison's system so they will win money. They will lose if people have the discipline and confidence to utilize the SportsBettingChamp system.

You can get your system now.