An Answer from my email about Sports Betting Champ


I received a comment from 'Mo' asking if there were any limits to the amount that you need to bet when you are using The SportsBettingChamp System. He was wondering if he would be able to start with a small bankroll of around $200.

The answer is, YES, you can start with that size of bankroll. The SportsBettingChamp System doesn't require any minimum size of bets. Also, sports books generally don't have any restrictions on the bet size either.

The main thing to remember is that regardless of the size of your bankroll, you still need to bet the proper unit size based on the risk of the bet. And, while the bets may seem small at first, your bankroll will grow and so will your unit size. So the main thing is to be patient and not bet a large amount of your bankroll at once. See my blog and newsletter for more information.

Mo I am a sports enthusiast and I love betting on sports. I want to buy the sports betting champ system, but unfortunately I only have about $4-500 to spare right now. I am curious if there are any restrictions in regards to minimum bets based on the sports betting champ system? Or can i confidently start with only $200 of betting money using the system. thanks